Recent Projects - think of it as a visual resume.

Two Plays in 5 weeks! Fully Committed at Theatre Workshop of Nantucket and Struck (a new play by the incredible Sandy Rustin) at Theatre Raleigh. 

Check out production photos for Fully Committed. 

The indefatigable Daniel Quadrino as Sam (and a sampling of the 40 other characters he plays!)

The indefatigable Daniel Quadrino as Sam (and a sampling of the 40 other characters he plays!)

Check out production photos for Struck. 

Sid Solomon (Nate), Liam Yates (James), and Emily Kron (Vera). 

Sid Solomon (Nate), Liam Yates (James), and Emily Kron (Vera). 

Evita was a blast. Check out the production photos. 

This production focused on bringing the history of Eva Peron's life to the forefront and giving her as significant of a voice as Che. 

Director and Co-Creator - Borrowed Cash: Busted The Reunion Tour

Harper Stanton and Ann Marie Mayfield reunite to bring more of their rockin' tunes and electric chemistry to the stage. These two haven't performed together in the twenty years since their divorce and unseemly breakup of their band.  (Think: Spinal Tap for the stage.)  

Click here for photos of the show! 


Director - Jesus Christ Superstar - Pace University 

This November I directed a fresh, exciting production of Jesus Christ Superstar at Pace University. I set the production at  Burning Man; a contemporary counterpart to the festival of Passover and the counter culture movement of Jesus and his disciples.   The forty student performers and many designers did an incredible job bringing the story to life. 

Click here to see JCS production photos!! (photos by Mark Wyville)

Click here to see JCS rehearsal photos!! (photos by Jenny Anderson)


Director - Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella - 2nd National Tour

This fall I directed a national tour of Cinderella. After working as the associate director for the Broadway production I'm delighted to return to the forest with a supremely talented group of actors, singers, and dancers. Cinderella is a show I helped create and I'm loving to bringing it to audiences across the country.

I'm deeply proud of everyone's incredible work on this very meaningful show.

Click here for show video: CINDERELLA B-ROLL.

Click here to read a review: CINDERELLA REVIEW

Click here for photos: CINDERELLA PHOTOS. (photos by Carol Rosegg)

Click here for two interviews I did; AKRON NEWS HERALD and MONTREAL GAZETTE.

Me (left) and choreographer Lee Wilkins (right) on Cinderella's carriage! 

Me (left) and choreographer Lee Wilkins (right) on Cinderella's carriage! 

Associate Director - Matilda The Musical - Broadway

For nearly two years I maintained the creative elements of the show, cast new people, and trained new cast members. I was responsible for large-scale projects with complex logistics, high creative expectations, and stringent deadlines. Other responsibilities included motivating team members, keeping the message of the piece clear, planning long term scheduling, and setting goals for the entire company. 



Associate Director - Peter Pan Live!  - NBC

After serving as the associate director for The Sound of Music LiveI returned to work with the Broadway and television creative teams on Peter Pan. The job included many multifaceted strategies for optimal creative and logistical storytelling. In addition to collaborating with actors, designers, and  various NBC marketing teams, liaised heavily with our digital effects team to brainstorm, develop, and create the live animated Tinkerbell.